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Fangirl Forever :)


white house correspondents dinner after party(04/28/2013)

When You Wish Upon A Star



Yeah, she is. (…) Oh yeah, she’s been through a lot of stuff but you know, that’s such as the life I suppose. I didn’t know I was gonna be on tv when we started dating. (…) Ah, she’s a big girl! The fact is, you know, we’re all people who- it’s easier to hate than to love so I think we come out on top. (…) Oh yeah! We’ve been together a long time. (…) Oh yeah, it’s the worst, people are so mean. But that’s just the age we live in. I like to say mean people tend to be louder than nice people so nice people don’t make the news.

AHHHH!!! They are too cute!!! :D

folks may try to laugh & make a fuss

they’ll try to make shit hard for us

but darling, i don’t care